Skyline Chess x The Vatican Museum

We're thrilled to introduce our latest launch, an exclusive collaboration with The Vatican Museum in Vatican City.

A project which we've been working closely with the museum on for the last 4 years, the 32-piece steel set features some of the most iconic elements and artefacts from around the museum on the chess board. The wooden playing board features the ceiling detail of the Scala Simonetti.
King: Augustus of Prima Porta, Braccio Nuovo
Queen: Hera Barberini, Round Hall, Pio Clementino Museum
Bishop: Heracles in bronze, Round Hall, Pio Clementino Museum
Knight: Ancient horse’s head, Hall of Animals, Pio Clementino Museum
Rook: Bramante Staircase
Pawn: Bronze Pigna (pinecone), Courtyard of the Pinecone

The set is available exclusively in the museum and from their online store.
You can shop for this edition here.