60 Best Gifts For Men Who Seemingly Have Everything

"Everyone knows that one guy in their life who's truly exceptional and one-of-the-kind. He has uncanny yarn teed up in his sleeve at every gathering, wields the coolest gadget or gizmo to show off at every visit, drips the latest runway picks at every public appearance. Oh yeah, that one, ring a bell? Whom you just hate to love (or love to hate?) because, whenever gifting season comes, you can never think of stuff that he somehow doesn’t own already to buy for—and impress the hell out of—him:
A cleverly designed smart chess set will keep his brain busy on quiet Sunday afternoons—and he can play it without looking bored, thanks to the several miniaturized Brutalist architecture from London the chess set displays."

Our London Brutalist Edition has been featured by Esquire magazine in their top 60 gifts for the man who has everything.

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