What to Gift Your Favorite Traveler, Based on the Destination They Love Most

"Destinations, like people, each have their own quirks and personalities. They change and grow through the years, and the experience they offer can sometimes be so elusive it's hard to describe—one of those you-had-to-be-there feelings. Still, when someone tells you about their favorite destination, it can reveal a lot about their personality." 
"Few cities have held on to their iconic status as firmly as New York City. Memorialized through pop culture, the city is known worldwide for fashion, skyscrapers, and the buzzy essence of metropolitan living. For those who are part of the recent resurgence of chess, this black-and-white chessboard creatively incorporates the city’s famous skyline."
Our New York Edition has been featured by Conde Nast Traveller in their selection of the best New York themed gifts to give this Christmas.
You can shop for this edition here.
Skyline Chess Conde Nast Traveller Article